The Inaugural Signature Quest is Live

The Inaugural Signature Quest is Live

🏒 Attention NHL Breakaway collectors! 🏒

The Inaugural Signature Quest is now live and will end April 17 at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. Read through all the information below before you get started. We can’t wait to see the choice you make for your first quest!


How It Works

  1. Visit the Quest Hub and enter the Signature Quest, or click here to go there now.
  2. Select a highlight edition from your collection to start the quest.
  3. Submit and freeze the remaining highlights needed to complete the Highlight Submission and Team Freeze requirements.

If you complete the quest by the April 17 deadline, you will receive an airdropped Heroic Signature Highlight by May 17, 2024. 

Browsing Quests

All collection and crafting quests can be found in the Quests section of the Play Hub.

Selecting your Highlight

Once on the Signature Quest page, click on the “Select a Highlight” button to start the selection process for your quest.

You can search your collection and view the requirements for each eligible highlight before making your selection and starting the quest. Please note that you cannot change your selection once you start the quest!

Submitting Editions for Crafting

After your first highlight submission and the quest starts, your page will be updated to show two new sections; Highlight Submissions, and Team Freeze. 

You can submit the additional editions needed to fulfill the Highlight Submission requirement by clicking on the “Submit Another” button.

Freezing the Team

All of the eligible highlights in your collection that are required for the Team Freeze requirement will appear in the Eligible tab. 

As you freeze each highlight, you can track your progress towards completion in the My Quest tab.

Completing your Quest

Once you have completed each Signature Quest requirement, you will be prompted to confirm completion to lock in your success.

After confirming completion you will see the date you can expect to receive your Signature Highlight!

Key Details

Here are the key details for the first Signature Quest:

  • The following editions will be required to complete the Highlight Submission requirement of the quest, regardless of the highlight you choose to craft:
    • Epic = 3 editions
    • Rare = 5 editions
    • Limited = 9 editions
    • Core = 15 editions
    • Fandom = 35 editions
  • The Team Freeze will require you to freeze all highlights from that player’s team that are of equal or lower rarity (except for Fandom – Fandom also requires Core).
  • The Team Freeze period will start from the time the highlight is frozen for the quest until April 17, 2025.
  • All highlights for the following players listed here from the Fandom, Core, Limited, Rare and Epic tiers are available to craft into a Signature Edition.
  • Collectors that submit edition #1 as part of the Highlight Submission requirement and complete the quest will be awarded with the edition #1 of the Signature Highlight. All other editions will be randomized amongst eligible collectors.
  • You may only craft one Signature Edition per Signature Quest. Choose wisely!

You can read more on Signature Quests from the original announcement here. For even more detailed info, read our Signature Quest FAQ.

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