Introducing Signature Quests

Introducing Signature Quests

🏒 Attention NHL Breakaway collectors! 🏒

There has been a lot of mystery and speculation surrounding crafting quests, and we are excited to unveil more information about the experience as we are close to launch! (Update: We're now live! Read our latest blog here)

Introducing Signature Quests – a unique collectible crafting experience that recreates the passion and thrill of hunting down an autograph from your favorite player. 

This new quest type is all about deepening fandom – allowing die-hard fans to further elevate their collection, and reward the community for collecting what they love.

A Unique Collectible Crafting Experience

Signature Quests will change the game on digital collecting! Here’s why:

  • Makes Autographs More Accessible - Signature Highlights can be crafted from various rarity tiers, from the highly-sought Epic (#/100) to the more democratized Fandom (#/10,000) – thereby placing autographed collectibles within reach for both beginning and experienced collectors.
  • Adds Utility for Nearly Every NHL Breakaway Collectible - Hundreds of highlights across Epic, Rare, Limited, Core, and Fandom rarity tiers now have utility with Signature Quests, as fans will not only need to collect their favorite player’s highlights, but also those across their favorite player’s team.
  • Gives Collectors Control Over Content Curation - Of the hundreds of players available, which ones will be deserving of Signature Highlights? And how many editions of each highlight will be created? It’s all up to the collectors to decide, based on how they complete their Signature Quest!
  • Offers Clear Differentiation from Physical Collectibles - Crafting highlights into Signature Editions is only possible with digital collectibles, and NHL Breakaway is taking the autograph hunt digital in a whole new way.

How It Works

Suit up in your gear as we breakdown some of the mechanics you can expect for the launch of Signature Quests. Quick start guide below:

To go further into detail – the 2 main requirements to craft a Signature Highlight are Submitted Highlights and the Team Freeze.

Submitted Highlights

  • Multiple editions of the same highlight will be needed in order to craft a Signature Edition. The number of editions needed is determined by the rarity of the highlight being crafted.
  • Submitted highlights are surrendered by the owner, removed from their collection, and subsequently taken out of circulation. The edition numbers of the highlights surrendered will be included in the metadata of the newly crafted Signature Edition, resulting in a truly unique and rarer edition of the original highlight forged from the collector’s effort.

Team Freeze

Based on the rarity and team of the submitted highlight above, all highlights for that rarity tier and below for the given team will need to be frozen*.

For example, if you are doing a Signature Quest for Erik Karlsson’s Making the Mark Epic highlight (when he was on the Sharks), you will need to do the team freeze for other Sharks highlights that are rarity tier Epic and below

Thus, team freeze is based on the team in the highlight (Sharks), not the player’s current team (in the case of Karlsson – Penguins).

* Fandom crafts will require Core team highlights to be frozen.

Example: Connor McDavid, Making the Mark (Epic)

Note: Signature highlight design is not final and subject to change

If you wanted to craft an autographed version of Connor McDavid’s Making the Mark (Epic) highlight, you would need to

  • Submit 3 editions of Connor McDavid, Making the Mark (Epic) highlights
    • If you complete the quest, these highlights will be removed from your collection, and subsequently taken out of circulation.
  • Freeze one edition of each Edmonton Oilers highlight that is of rarity tier Epic and lower:
    • Jari Kurri, Cause for a Celly: ‘90s (Epic)
    • Connor McDavid, Opening Ice: Elites (Rare)
    • Leon Draisaitl, Opening Ice: Elites (Rare)
    • Evan Bouchard, Next-Gen Class (Limited)
    • Connor McDavid, Base (Core)
    • Leon Draisaitl, Base (Core)
    • Stuart Skinner, Base (Core)
    • Zach Hyman, Stadiums & Skylines (Core)
    • Evander Kane, Ice Nation (Fandom)

These highlights remain in your collection, and will unfreeze at the date specified in the Signature Quest, whether you complete the quest or not.

Note: Signature highlight design is not final and subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

A few more key details on what to expect with Signature Quests:

  • You may only craft one Signature Edition per Signature Quest. Choose wisely!
  • Fandom through Epic highlights are eligible to be crafted into Signature Editions. Legendary and Heroic tier highlights are not eligible.
  • Click here for a complete list of players eligible for Signature Quests, which will continue to be updated up until launch.
  • For even more detailed info, read our Signature Quest FAQ.  Stay tuned for our exact launch date!
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