Quests Are Coming

Quests Are Coming

Greetings, NHL Breakaway community! There has been a lot of curiosity around the Quests feature we have in the works, and we’re excited to give you a peek behind the curtain before the final unveiling.

What Are Quests?

Quests are collection challenges similar to Set Completions, and reward users for collecting and freezing highlights that all share a common theme (e.g. “Collect and freeze all the #1 draft picks”).

Each quest will typically be open for a shorter period of time compared to Set Completion – weeks instead of months – and typically have lower quantity highlight requirements.

We are close to releasing two new ways to maximize your collecting experience on NHL Breakaway and earn game-play rewards in the process: Collection Quests and Crafting Quests!

Collection Quests give you the opportunity to earn rewards by completing fun, thematic freeze challenges of varying difficulty. We’re planning on launching our inaugural Collection Quest around All-Star Game on February 3rd.

🖋️ Crafting Quests will allow you to create new, exclusive collectibles forged out of those already in your collection. These will launch mid/late February – more to come!

How Collection Quests Work

The goal is to have a few quests open at all times, some that give newer collectors an opportunity to further build their collection, while other more challenging quests give experienced collectors chances to earn more exclusive rewards.

Similar to Set Completion, Collection Quests will feature a specific theme, such as:

For illustration, not final

You'll then embark on a mission to collect and freeze eligible collectibles for a reward, which will be related to the difficulty level and theme of the quest.

Freezing process will be similar to Set Completion, where you will be required to lock your collectibles for a defined period of time in order to complete the quest. Additionally, collectibles already frozen for Set Completion automatically contribute to progress for the Collection Quest at launch.

Rewards for Collection Quests will be randomized – so whether you complete within the first week or the first hour will have no bearing on the edition number of your reward.

We’ll be announcing more details on our first All-Star Game Collection Quest next week. Get ready to showcase your collecting prowess and claim the ultimate prize!

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