Product Update May 2024

Product Update May 2024

NHL Breakaway Bracket Challenge

16 teams enter – only 4 remain!  With a few weeks remaining in the Playoffs, let’s see how our NHL Breakaway Bracket Challenge leaders are looking!

Current standings (Total Points, Cup Pick, Max Possible Points):

  1. 195 olivepile - Dallas Stars (395)
  2. 192 Hunter_Bither1 - New York Rangers (392)
  3. 189 Islandgirl01 - Edmonton Oilers (389)
  4. 186 seepingcyanide - New York Rangers (386)
  5. 186 RyMal2126 - Dallas Stars (386)

Welcome New Users!

For anyone who’s joined recently – welcome! Over the course of the Playoffs, we’ve seen the greatest uptick in collectors, second only to the onset of the season. Here’s a few great resources in our Discord to help get you up to speed:

  • Visit #server-guide for general Discord rules and channel descriptions. Some great starting points
    • #pack-rips - see who’s pulling Epics and Legendaries with their new packs!
    • #rinkside-recollections - share your real life hockey stories!
  • Visit #feedback to send in ideas, and #customer-support for any issues using the site
  • Follow us on X to get the latest news outside of Discord
  • Check out our blog for more in-depth details on recent drops, product features, and announcements!

Signature Highlight Delivery Update

Signature highlights are still in progress. We are holding off distribution until we can deliver everyone’s collectibles at the same time, and will post once we have a firm delivery date.

Multi-Account Review

We are reviewing the responses from users who were suspected of violating NHL Breakaway Terms of Use. We will be responding privately to these individuals with next steps in due course, based on the circumstances of each case.

New Set Completions

ICYMI, set completions for Playoff Bound and Opening Ice 2023-24 are live! Reward editions for Playoff Bound will be randomly assigned, while those for Opening Ice 2023-24 will be based on completion time.

New Collection Quests

Two new Collection Quests also went live earlier today, offering a chance to get highlights from the Making the Mark 2023-24 and upcoming Hanging from the Rafters sets!

Stanley Cup Finals Sweepstakes

Congrats to our SCF Sweepstakes winner, nebs_3959, who won a pair of tickets & travel and elected to go to last night’s Game 4 of the Western Conference Final!

Happy collecting!

- Sweet Product Team

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