Product Update Feb 2024

Product Update Feb 2024

Hello NHL Breakaway community, and happy NHL trade season!  

We’ve been thrilled with the response to Collection Quests and recent Ice Nation pack giveaways, and equally excited for our upcoming Stadiums & Skylines set – offering a fresh look at the game on some of the grandest outdoor stages.

Anyways, clock’s ticking! We’ll get right into it with this month’s updates:

Signature Quests

Signature puck design is not final and subject to change

Introducing Signature Quests – an innovative collectible crafting experience that recreates the passion and thrill of hunting down an autograph from your favorite player.

We’re putting the finishing touches on Signature Quests (aka Crafting Quests) which will go live in March! This unique, new quest type allow you to create autographed variants of highlights in exchange for both submitting and freezing a combination of highlights based on:

  • Your desired highlight to be crafted into a Signature Edition
  • Rarity of the highlight being crafted
  • Team associated with the player in the highlight

More info to come! We’ll be sure to announce full details of the program prior to the first Signature Quest going live, so everyone has the opportunity to strategize and prepare.

Trade Challenge

The NHL Trade Deadline is approaching and teams are starting to make arrangements for their playoff push!  To celebrate, we’ll soon be announcing a “10 Trades in 10 Days” challenge leading up to the official March 8 deadline.

Sweet® Balance Updates

Sweet Balance withdrawals for Canada collectors is now expected to be available in March. We’ve airdropped Ice Nation packs to all collectors in Canada who currently hold a Sweet Balance as our way of thanking everyone for their patience.

Surprise Ice Nation Pack Giveaways!

We’ve been having a blast doing the unpredictable giveaways to collectors simply for holding! Click here for a list of past recipients.  We’ll continue to do these each week!

Drops and Quests

Happy collecting!

- Sweet Product Team

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