Product Update Dec 2023

Product Update Dec 2023

Hello NHL Breakaway community!

We’ve been busy working on NHL Breakaway features and enhancements and are very excited to post the first of an ongoing series of updates from the Sweet product team.  Going into the New Year our plan is to provide increased visibility on upcoming features, enhancements, and fixes – as well as regular community polls on feature prioritization. We’ve been tracking your feedback and appreciate everyone’s passion for this program!


Feature Updates

Checkout & Payments

We’re happy to announce a whole new credit & debit card checkout product developed in partnership with MoonPay which now has very high approval rates. With this update, MoonPay is now approving a wider range of cards globally and we have recently seen card approval rates on purchases trending above 90%. 🙌

Also note, most declines we are seeing (the 10%) are for good reason: insufficient funds available on debit cards, flagged stolen cards, or high risk / potential fraudulent transactions.  This helps protect the community against fraud and reduces the risk of fraudulently acquired collectibles being taken out of the hands of fans and collectors.

If you are having any issues with your checkout experience, please reach out to our support team; we will gather additional information about your issue from you and escalate each case to the MoonPay team for review, as appropriate.


Sweet Balance

With the launch of the Marketplace we introduced the initial release of Sweet Balance, allowing you to pay for packs, and highlights using your balance vs. having to use a credit card each time.

Our plan is to enable balance withdrawals on or about the first week of January, 2024 for most major markets including the United States, European Union, and United Kingdom. We are working hard to roll out this feature to as many of you as we can and will provide important updates to the community as we do. We are also working on enabling the ability to add funds to your Sweet balance through a top-up feature.

See our Sweet Balance FAQ for more information.


New Features & Programs In Progress


We’ve been blown away by the response to Set Completion and Trade Lounge™ and have been working on a follow-up Quests feature that will start to reimagine the digital collecting experience. 

We will bring you along for the journey as the feature is developed, and hope to have more to share in the coming weeks on the mechanics of the enhanced program.


Fresh Homepage Content

New year, new homepage! We’re starting to kick off this project – we have some concepts we’ve been working on, but would also love to hear feedback from you. What do you want to see once you login to NHL Breakaway?  Or what first attracted you to NHL Breakaway that you think could be more prominently featured for new users? Look for an upcoming questionnaire where you’ll be able to weigh in!


Discord Community Engagement

We are happy to announce we are establishing a program to augment the moderation team, as well as drive more community-related experiences both on and off platform. We plan to make an announcement on this initiative in the first part of 2024.



Recent Enhancements

  • Set Status & Completion Tracking – If you have visited the set completion pages recently, you will notice some new additions that should make tracking your set completion progress and status easier.
    • Set Status – Track whether a set is locked or open directly on the Play Hub and Set Pages using the icon displayed next to the total highlights in the set.
    • My Completion Place – Once you have completed a locked set you can see your exact completion place, date and time in the Stats section, so you know the reward you have earned.
  • Only Me/Everyone Trade Lounge™ Sorting – The new Only Me/Everyone sorting option in the Trade Lounge™ makes it easier for collectors to focus on the trade proposals that are most relevant to their collection.


Known Issues & Enhancements In Progress

  • Distributing Sweet Credit for Beta queue testers
  • Trade Review - adding extra confirmation modal when accepting trades to reduce accidental approvals
  • Marketplace - Select Edition modal sorting by owner

That’s all for our first edition! Hope you’re all as excited as we are for the future of the NHL Breakaway – we’ll continue building to close out the year, we have a big 2024 planned ahead! 

- Sweet Product Team

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