Introducing Trade Lounge

Introducing Trade Lounge

It’s here! We’re extremely excited to announce our revolutionary Trade Lounge feature on NHL Breakaway – a safe, secure way to exchange collectibles with others in the community, collect your favorite teams and players, and get closer to completing sets!

How It Works

  1. From My Collection, navigate to a collectible you own and click “Create Trade”
  2. In Trade Builder, search for the collectible you’re looking for. By default, your trade offer will be for any edition of that collectible. You can also specify an exact edition number if you are looking to trade with a specific user.
  3. Click “Submit Trade”
  4. Your trade offer will now be seen by anyone who has the matching collectible in their collection!  Your trade will automatically be completed as soon as someone accepts your offer and you will be notified by email when someone completes your trade.

Viewing Trade Offers

Don’t know exactly what you want, but interested in a feed of all trade offers available to you? Visit the Trade Lounge by clicking “Trade” in the main nav. 

You will then see a list of all open trades that you are able to accept. Note that many of these trades will be visible to the entire community, so once another collector accepts the trade, it will disappear from your feed.

Blocking Trade Offers

To block trade offers for a particular highlight or pack you own, go to My Collection and click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the collectible. Then click “Block Trade Offers.” That’s it! Trade offers for this item will no longer appear in your Trade Lounge feed.

Withdrawing A Trade Offer

Want to rethink a trade offer that you’ve put out to the community?  Go to the Trade Lounge and click on the “Sent” tab. You’ll then see all of your open trades, which you can review or withdraw.

Gifting Update

Now that hockey fans and collectors have a secure way to make trades, we’ve recently added limits to our gifting feature.

Moving forward, you must own your collectible for at least 7 days before it can be gifted. All users may generate up to 10 gift links within a rolling 30 days, regardless if the gift is redeemed or not. Additionally, users may redeem up to 5 gifts within a rolling 30 days.

Click here for our full Gifting FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few additional helpful details about trades:

  1. Everyone is allowed 10 active trades offers at a time.
  2. Trade offers automatically expire after 72 hours.
  3. You can trade a maximum of 5 collectibles at a time.
  4. Any collectible that is frozen is not eligible to be traded.

Have more questions? Get the full scoop in our Trades FAQ.

We’re excited to hear what you think about trades – we’ll see you in the Trade Lounge!  

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